4-in-1 15W Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad and Stand

The 4-in-1 stand charges all your favorite devices at the same time! A 15W surface charges all wireless phones while the additional 5W surface lets you charge your earbuds/Airpods. A 20W fast-charge built-in USB-C port lets you charge your other favorite devices too; tablet, eReader, headphones and speakers. Finally, the convenient integrated Apple watch dock lets you charge your watch with your own charging cable. Enjoy the built-in adjustable phone shelf that lets you charge in portrait or landscape for hands-free viewing while you - Stream, Zoom, FaceTime, Text, TikTok, YouTube, and more. For your convenience, an audible sound lets you know you're charging, or tells you if you need to realign your phone so you always know it's charging. Slim design folds down to take anywhere, never be without a charge again!

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