PowerHub Ultra 65W - Laptop w/Built-In Cables & Prongs

The Ultimate portable 65-watt powerbank to keep your laptop charged, wherever you go. Built-in wall prongs and USB-C cable ensure that your charger is always ready to use. Nothing to lose or rebuy. With 2 additional USB-C ports (65W + 20W) you can charge up to 3 device at once – laptops, smartphones, tablets, AirPods, headphones and more.

  • 65-Watt output power to charge all PCs – Apple, Dell, Lenovo and more
  • Built-in 65W wall plug for quick and convenient recharging
  • Built-in 65W USB-C cable to charge all USB-C powered devices
  • 2 additional USB-C ports to allow for the charging of up to 3 devices
  • Incorporates ultra-compact GaN technology
  • Eco-friendly – with everything built in, no e-waste of cables and adaptors.